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If you found this festival valuable please consider giving back...

Times are hard for many of us and that's why we've made the festival as accessible as possible. Being a charity ourselves, we are extremely grateful for any donations that will help us run more events like this in future. If you'd like to see that happen, please consider donating since these event aren't free to organise, as much as we try and keep costs to a minimum.
Thank you for considering this, whatever your means right now. 
The Wise Things Festival Team
Click one of the pictures below to donate

1 - 5  (£/$/€)

If now is a difficult time financially we appreciate any token of goodwill to let us know you found something valuable from the event!

30 (£/$/€)

This would be the normal ticket price to cover our costs for an event like this.

50 + (£/$/€)

If you want to give back in a big way and cover the place of someone who can't afford it right now this would be greatly appreciated.

Additional Info

When you click on one of the pictures above you will be taken to the Virgin Money charity page for the School of Philosophy and Economic Science (the hosting charity of the event). You can choose any amount you wish to donate. Please let us know in the optional comments that your donation was from the 'Wise Things Festival'. 


A portion of the donations will also go to charities nominated by some of the speakers who have volunteered their time. Details of these charities are made clear during each contributor's session, or you can ask us for more information at